A better software platform for supply chain transparency & compliance

Turn your supply chain data into a product design resource

Improve supplier responses & keep proprietary substances secure in one platform

  • Find out what chemicals are really in your products & materials

  • Collect & store product, compliance & sustainability data in 1 place - even proprietary substances

  • Report to leading sustainability & green product certifications across your full product database in a few clicks

  • Keep your materials & products up-to-date on regulations like California Prop 65, REACH, and RoHS


Toxnot's Supply Chain Features

Simple workflows - import data from any file type from SDS, BOM, excel and more

Quickly upload from an existing BOM, ERP/PLM, SDS sheets, Excel, API or an entire product library.  Index existing SDS sheets 

All your substances automatically sync with the hazards data in Toxnot’s databases

Time-saving linked materials & automatic regulatory updates

Within your parts database, you can have a single material record across many products. Any changes made to that material record are stored, and in every product built with that material, your data is automatically updated


SDS image






Supplier & chemical database organization with integrated product libraries

Using the core Toxnot platform, you can manage a large database of products, parts, subcomponents, and suppliers 

Analyze items directly, or roll them up into finished goods for further analysis. Everything is searchable, filterable, and taggable – making it easy to stay organized

Improve chemical data from your supply chain

If you have data gaps, you can build and send customizable supplier questionnaires in multiple languages

Supplier survey tools make it easy to manage communications with thousands of suppliers

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