A better software platform for supply chain transparency & compliance

Turn your supply chain data into a product design resource

Improve supplier responses & keep proprietary substances secure in one platform

  • Find out what chemicals are really in your products & materials

  • Collect & store product, compliance & sustainability data in 1 place - even proprietary substances

  • Report to leading sustainability & green product certifications across your full product database in a few clicks

  • Keep your materials & products up-to-date on regulations like California Prop 65, REACH, and RoHS


Supply Chain & Supplier Solutions

Survey, track responses & manage product compliance with automated solutions from one platform

Free supplier responses, easy imports and uploads, proprietary substance protection and live Help anytime

Send multiple reports from a single platform: Declare, HPD, LEED v4 Material Ingredient Disclosure, RoHS and REACH compliance

World-class chemical hazard database. Use chemical registry numbers or EC #s to screen against GreenScreen, Conflict Minerals, California Prop 65, Living Building Challenge Red List substances

Collect compliance data from your suppliers with ready-to-use templates. Make decisions based on actual ingredients with our customized product dashboard

Build a searchable database for anyone looking to use your materials in their own products - save time & optimizing material data

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