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Toxnot allows you to easily analyze enterprise-wide risks & challenges. Users can screen against 50+ regulatory lists, create & send branded compliance reports & labels to customers, and access product history through version controls for future audits.

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Toxnot lets you instantly find out if your products meet California Prop 65, Conflict Minerals, RoHS and EU REACH regulations and more. Seamless product compliance starts here.


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Discover the latest trends in product compliance. Learn how full materials disclosure is the fastest growing driver for compliance - no matter what industry - and understand how tech solutions can drive down your product compliance costs.

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Screen ingredients & publish against global regulations

Maintain compliance determinations & version control on one platform


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California Prop 65

CA Prop 65 is a proposition set to safeguard drinking water from harmful chemicals. Here's why you should be compliant.

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This EU regulation was established in 2007 to help regulate chemicals within the EU. Find out if you should be EU REACH compliant.



The Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances regulates products in the electronics industry. Learn how to disclose information for RoHS.

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Conflict Minerals

Companies want to verify & disclose whether 3TG minerals are in their products. Here's how you can report on conflict minerals.

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Complying with the Substances of Concern In Products legislation helps protect against the waste stage of products life cycle. Determine if you need to be SCIP compliant.

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