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No More Regulation Reaction

Global regulations are going to change. In fact, we guarantee it. But that doesn't mean you don't have to exhaust more energy worrying about them. Our compliance solution proactively prepares you more quickly. Alleviate the most inefficient tasks in managing your compliance reporting and get notified when any product regulation changes. 

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Seamless Product Compliance

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Goodbye Spreadsheets, Hello Data Insights

Easily analyze enterprise-wide risks & challenges, screen against 50+ regulatory lists, create and send branded compliance reports & labels to customers.

Checkmark Green  Configure any regulations you want to manage

Checkmark Green Access product history for future audits

Checkmark Green Get notifications when regulation changes occur

Checkmark Green Generate reports & statemenst instantly for your team

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Implement Expert Automation 

Simplify complex product compliance processes, eliminate manual work, and completely visualize your supply chain with AI & automation.

Checkmark Green  Gather & correlate compliance statements with data across your supply chain

Checkmark Green  Automate determinations with AI, logic, and roll-ups from parts and substances to your products

Checkmark Green  Create automated reports and review analytics from your library with version history, dashboards, and publishing platforms


Control Your Future

With our cloud-based software we give you complete control of your compliance needs. Our goal isn't to lock you into any long-term contracts or costly upfront implementation. We simply want you to be able to meet your compliance needs no matter what they are, without the difficulty of getting started!

Checkmark Green  No long-term commitments or costly implementation

Checkmark Green  Access your data from anywhere at anytime

Checkmark Green  Receive premium support from our on staff experts
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Discover the latest trends in product compliance and learn how full materials disclosure is the fastest growing driver for all industries


Streamlined Regulatory Management
Maintain complete control of your compliance determinations
California Prop 65

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CA Prop 65 is a proposition set to safeguard drinking water from harmful chemicals. Here's why you should be compliant


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This EU regulation was established in 2007 to help regulate chemicals within the European Union. 


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The Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances regulates products in the electronics industry.

Conflict Minerals

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Companies want to verify & disclose whether 3TG minerals are in their products. Here's how you can report.


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Complying with the Substances of Concern In Products legislation helps protect against the waste stage of products life cycle.

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