About Toxnot PBC

Using data to make products safer & less toxic

Toxnot is an industry-leading technology company with a mission to improve health & sustainability across global supply chains

 We work with global manufacturers and suppliers to help the world design and build better products.

Our founders, Pete Girard and Bill Hoffman created software platform that can ultimately be used to clean up the toxic chemicals in our world’s  supply chains. 

Together they lead a movement to disrupt the notoriously complex supply chain chemical hazard landscape and build creative solutions for businesses of all kinds.

Meet our team

Pete Girard

Co-founder & CEO

Pete artfully combines 20+ years of experience at the multinational level, with a well-respected background in product management, lifecycle assessment, product stewardship & sustainability strategy. He is a natural collaborator, teacher, and versatile leader. Pete has an uncanny ability to see the power of open technology to disrupt complex sustainability problems.  He understands the power behind reevaluating the chemicals in our everyday products.

Bill Hoffman

Co-founder & CTO

As the Co-founder and CTO of Toxnot, Bill provides 20+ years of experience in the fast-paced software development world, a degree from Cornell, and a resume spanning start-ups as well as some of the largest internet services on the planet. Toxnot’s mission of transparency and its rapidly growing set of enterprise and supply chain tools reflect Bill’s ability to solve some of today’s toughest sustainability challenges with software tools.

Evelyn Ritter

Director, Customer Success

Evelyn helps manufacturers leverage technology to ensure their products meet the highest levels of material safety & sustainability possible. She is motivated to break down the complexity of chemical hazards and technology tools, to allow our clients more time to improve their products. Evelyn holds a B.S. in Engineering from Hope College in Michigan. 

Mason Wambolt

Sales Director

Mason brings over ten years of experience in IT and business development to Toxnot. His passion lies in taking the complex and making it simple through technology and process. With a broad business perspective, he likes to apply this same line of thinking to helping customers to achieve their own goals. Mason holds a MBA from the University of Wyoming.

Kelly Haugen

Digital Content Marketing Manager

Kelly's excited to blend his passion for sustainability and marketing to help amplify Toxnot's voice in advancing supply chain transparency. He brings years of digital marketing expertise to improve users engagement and experience. Kelly recently obtained his MBA in Global, Social, & Sustainable Enterprise from Colorado State University.

Elizabeth Mahon

Software Engineer

Elizabeth Mahon loves using software to help people understand data to make informed decisions, especially with regards to human health and the environment. She graduated with a B.S. in Engineering from Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering & earned a Master’s degree in Water Resource Management from Colorado State University.

Juliet Seibel

Customer Success Specialist

Juliet is passionate about all things environment and sustainability. She believes that every person counts in the movement to create a cleaner and more sustainable world and is thrilled to help people navigate technology and tools that will help them do so. With a B.S. in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability from Colorado State University and years of customer service behind her, Juliet is excited to blend her two worlds to further the mission of product transparency.


Environmental Leader Product of the Year Award
Sustainable Brands Innovation Open Finalist
Green Electronics Council Award Winner