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Starts with accurate materials health data
Circularity can't exist without knowledge of your product ingredients. Companies use Toxnot because we are the only platform that truly helps integrate circularity across your supply chain. It starts by knowing what your product is really made out of.

Exchange Data Harmoniously

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An effective circular economy isn't only built on continuous material loops but is reliant on the harmonious exchange of data across supply chains.





Deliver circularity results faster
Data that flows directly into your product solutions








Material & Product Passports

Your ticket to faster circular solutions


An effective circular economy isn't only built on continuous material loops but is reliant on the harmonious exchange of data across supply chains. Product passports allow you to streamline and manage the exchange of your product data more efficiently across your entire supply chain. Create, search, and find material and product data across the Toxnot Exchange.


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Circular systems need clean inputs to make them safe. Our circularity implementation guide is a great place to start learning how to help your company effectively start navigation the circular economy!




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