Automatically create HPDs, Declare Labels and sustainability reports from a single BOM

Import data once. Report to multiple standards instantly.

The exclusive platform for Declare Labels and more

We’ve partnered with some of the industry-leading green building players to make it easier to automatically make product labels for Declare, HPD, and more

  • Survey your suppliers to get missing data 
  • Screen chemicals in your products
  • Make design decisions from a product portfolio dashboard, updated regulatory lists, and more
  • Secure, cloud-based platform to protect proprietary formulations

Our sustainability reporting & labeling features

Explore chemical substitutions, compare different ingredients and design safer products

Create Declare Labels, HPDs, LEED v4 and more from a single BOM

Submit data to GIGA’s Origin Material Hub & the mindful MATERIALS library

Manage California Prop 65, Conflict Minerals, RoHS, and REACH documentation

Analyze enterprise-wide risks & changing regulations, while also generating reports and labels from a single system

Save yourself and your customers time by storing materials in a shared, public library - where everyone can report from

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