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Access accurate supplier data

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Let's first improve your data.
No more spreadsheets or bad data. Import existing product data & easily survey suppliers directly from Toxnot to obtain new and updated information.

Understand exactly what's in your products

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Then visualize your product materials.
Don't waste your time. Instantly see your product's composition and understand what harmful chemicals exist in their materials to improve product reporting, compliance, & circular design.

Create Reports.

Manage Products.

Improve Design. 

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Now drive results.
Manage compliance lists & automate reporting. Optimize data management for sustainability reports & labels. Discover safer ingredient alternatives for innovative design.
Our Core Solutions

Streamline your product data solutions across all your teams at scale

Product Compliance

Don't wait for regulations to change. Proactively manage regulations with an automated compliance solution.

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Bullet Icons-websiteAutomate Determinations

California Prop 65, SCIP, EU REACH, Conflict Minerals, RoHS, & more

Bullet Icons-websiteTrack Disclosures

Gather & track supplier disclosures more closely with an integrated platform

Bullet Icons-websiteStay Up to Date

Get notified when a regulation changes occur




Sustainability Reporting

Strengthen your brand with automated reporting & labels for product sustainability.

Bullet Icons-website Instant Reporting

Declare Labels, LEED v4, Health Product Declarations, Cradle to Cradle, & more

Bullet Icons-website Improved Product Transparency

Identify what chemical hazards are actually in your products

Bullet Icons-websiteFull Material Disclosure

Obtain FMD for every product in your company




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Don't wait for regulations to change. Proactively manage regulations with an automated compliance solution. 

Bullet Icons-website End of Life Reporting

Determine what to do at the end of your products lifecycle

Bullet Icons-website Design for the Circular Economy

Design with insights knowing your product is infinitely safe and circular

Bullet Icons-website Seamless Data Exchange

Utilize supplier data that works harmoniously across your supply chain



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Supply Chain Management

Transform your supply chain to integrate your data more smoothly. Screen for safer chemical alternatives with ease.

Bullet Icons-website Simple Workflows

Import your data from any file type

Bullet Icons-websiteControl Your Own Data

It's your data. You own it. Not us.

Bullet Icons-website Digital Product Passports

Access supplier data instantly through the Toxnot Exchange

Bullet Icons-website Unlimited Integrated Surveys

Survey for missing data & integrate it directly into your product portfolio



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