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Supply Chain Engagement Solutions
Our platform enhances communication between manufacturers & suppliers to improve response rates, promote data quality, protect IP, and automate supply chain management.
Managing all your suppliers for every material and product in your library can be complicated, expensive, and in-efficient. Toxnot makes it easy to manage and reduces your costs.

Automate Your Product Supply Chain Data

Our supply chain engagement features bring improved response rates & higher data quality


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Our dashboard enables simple management of your surveys in one location. Easily identify a surveys status as to whether it's been drafted, sent, received, opened, responded, or accepted. Fully search organize surveys by status, part, supplier, and more. Set automatic reminders to support your efforts and improve responsiveness.


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Toxnot gives you the ability to effortlessly manage supplier data. Store contact information, supplier survey communication, and lists of materials and substances. Sorting, organizing, and maintaining supplier information in a fully searchable database with statuses, folders, tags, and notes has never been easier!

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Unlimited Surveying

Our approach will greatly improve supplier interactions because of Toxnot’s automation and ease of use. Our unlimited supplier surveys are completely customizable with ability to send three types of surveys: Supplier-level data, Product material level data, Bill of Materials (BOM) level data.


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Surveys and questionnaires are completely customizable with the ability to create pages & sections, multiple question types, branching logic, file attachments, optional or required responses, custom instructions, and more. Users can save customized surveys as templates to expedite future surveying. Organize, name, and tag your surveys for easy access.

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9 Languages

Recipients of surveys can use Toxnot in one of nine languages. Using Toxnot in their native tongue will allow greater responsiveness and higher quality of data. 

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Your supplier contact may not have all the information regarding the material being surveyed, or the information resides among several people. Toxnot surveys can be forwarded and filled out by several individuals to get the information you need. Surveys are locked when a user is filling it out to prevent conflicting data.


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Suppliers can create accounts and respond to surveys on Toxnot for free. As with all users on Toxnot, full customer support is available to guide suppliers to filling out surveys. Our team provides assistance, answers questions, and promotes completion of responses taking work off your plate.







Toxnot stores full response history for all completed surveys. These can be used for simple reference or auditing purposes. For scheduling, keep track and know when the last surveys were sent and received. Suppliers can have access to previous responses to make simple updates or resubmit if no changes have occurred, further streamlining the process of surveying.

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Toxnot has a full revision and feedback functionality. If responses don’t meet a manufacturer’s standards you can request revisions by highlighting areas of concern with specific directions to yield a quick response. Only surveys accepted by manufacturer's will be integrated into the Toxnot product and material library.

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Your surveys can be integrated directly into the materials, products, and any bill of materials. Our platform links materials with a unique identifier in our material library. When updated, all instances where that material is utilized is updated automatically. No need to send multiple surveys anymore! Suppliers can easily push formulations to manufacturers as they publish updates on Toxnot which can be integrated into your material library.

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