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At Toxnot, we believe that sustainability is not only good for people and the environment but can drive a strong return as well. All products have a source, a supply chain, a chemical make-up, and end-of-life options.  Do you know yours?


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Sustainable Supply Chain


Ingredient Disclosures

Find out exactly what’s in your products, screen out chemical hazards, and design safer products

Product Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your products meet legal requirements and regulations with product compliance tracking and recording

Circular Economy

Move closer to circular economic objectives by understanding the life cycle of your products and introducing sustainability into design

Product Reporting & Publishing

Differentiate and publish your products to Toxnot and other green material libraries to promote your sustainable goods and share product data with the supply chain




Building Sustainability

Toxnot was founded with strong values in promoting a healthier planet through actions of sustainable businesses. Interacting with various sustainability teams across dozens of organizations uniquely positions us to gain insight & perspective on company's needs to be successful. To help others drive their sustainability goals forward, we offer templates, guides, and best practices to support & promote sustainability functions across multiple divisions. 

Build your sustainability strategy and put it to work today to generate new brand value & ROI  for your business.  

Toxnot for Small Businesses

We believe that powerful sustainability tools should be accessible to everyone! Toxnot offers free and low-cost options, as well as, enterprise versions of our platform to give all types of businesses the ability to pursue their sustainability objectives.


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Kickstart your sustainability team with our Sustainability Plan Template



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