Design Safer Products

Balance tradeoffs confidently with integrated supply chain data
Search our Free Chemical Hazard Database

“This is a great tool for tracking hazardous chemical in products. Toxnot is a tremendous benefit to product manufacturers and users, ensuring that their products are safe and environmentally friendly.” -- Environmental Leader Product & Project Award judges

Improve Your Product Designs with Analytics

Design better, safer products. Toxnot provides analytic features allowing you to compare at the chemical, product or portfolio level. Find priority chemicals for substitution, drill down into the details and share your findings!

Product Comparisons
Find priority chemicals for substitution and highlight improvements

Analyze Clear Chemical Hazard Comparisons

Phase out hazardous chemicals throughout your supply chain

  • Quickly flag your substances against 50+ regulatory lists, or create your own list
  • Compare chemical hazards
  • Use GreenScreen List Translator™ scores to clean up your supply chain
  • Explore the Toxnot database of over 50,000 substances
Product Portfolio Analytics

Track and share company-wide metrics to target your efforts

  • Analyze the hazards across your whole product library
  • Find out which of your products are on regulatory lists
  • Create custom dashboards to share with your team
Screen your Products for Regulatory Compliance
Check against California Proposition 65, EU REACH, EU RoHS, and automatically generate compliance letters

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