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Why be EU REACH compliant?

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What is EU REACH?


EU REACH is a European directive that stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals and is overseen by the European Commission. This regulation was established in 2007 and was created to replace previous legislation for toxic chemicals within the EU.


Downstream Prevention

Staying in compliance with EU REACH is vital for long term downstream affects of the chemicals in your products & materials on the environment and individuals health.

It's required

For companies that manufacture, import chemicals into the EU, complying with EU REACH is essential to your business. Don't readily assume your company shouldn't be EU REACH compliant.

Compliance Computer

How Toxnot can help

Our platform gives you the confidence, control, and simplicity you're looking for when it comes to compliance. We know the compliance process can be confusing so we made our solution easy to understand. Toxnot helps you comply with regulations in a secure, efficient, and auditable way.

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Our platform puts the power of your own data back into your hands by allowing you to learn more instantly through our powerful reporting features.

Tracking & Auditability

Discover the ability to track products & materials over time more closely with our auditable history control.

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Discovering new data insights from our platform gives you the confidence you deserve to effectively manage your products.

Manage Compliance Determinations

Make determinations from your products and leverage compliance data from suppliers.

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