California Prop 65

Companies doing business in California need to be aware of Proposition 65


Why be CA Prop 65 compliant?

Checkmark Blue White It's required in CA Checkmark Blue White Helps reduce environmental harm
Checkmark Blue White Increases transparency Checkmark Blue White Avoid penalties



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Why CA Prop 65 is important to your business


CA Prop 65 (Safe Drinking Water & Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986) is a proposition set in place to help safeguard drinking water from harmful chemicals. Toxic chemicals found to cause cancer and birth defects that are in products have to be  labeled with warnings. 


It's Required

In order to sell your products in California they will need to comply with CA Prop 65 regulations.

Protects People & the Environment

Improve your transparency by disclosing what chemicals in your products might cause harm to individuals health & water resources for drinking.

Improve Brand Image

Complying with CA Prop 65 helps improves your overall brand image as a company that cares about product transparency and environmental & societal protection!

Avoid Penalties

If you fail to comply with California Prop 65 then you may be subjecting your company to complaints of violation. The only way to truly protect your business is compliance at the chemical level.



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How Toxnot can help

Our platform gives you the confidence, control, and simplicity you're looking for when it comes to compliance. We know the compliance process can be confusing so we made our solution easy to understand. Toxnot helps you comply with regulations in a secure, efficient, and auditable way.

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