Toxnot for Suppliers

Our platform is built so suppliers proprietary data is safe, secure, and accessible to their customers in a streamlined and efficient process.


Your Proprietary Data is Our Priority

We know that keeping your data safe & secure as a supplier is your highest concern. Toxnot built our platform with supplier data as the foundation of our platform. Security of your intellectual property is our top priority.

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Full Control

Users have full control of their data, how it's used, who sees it, & how it's protected

Mask Data

Mask your data down to a chemical level before sharing to your customers

NDA Protection

All users are protected by our NDA & privacy policy built into our user agreement

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We're Here To Help

Once you've received and accepted your  manufacturer's supplier survey request, it's not just  up to you to figure out what happens next. Our customer success team is ready to help you throughout the process.

Here are some quick guides to help you get started:

How to respond to a survey

Marking data proprietary in a survey

Reach out to our customer success team

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Toxnot Shared Materials

Manufacturers & Suppliers need their data systems to harmoniously flow together to improve transparency efforts across the board. Toxnot Shared Materials is a reporting improvement tool built with everyone's #1 priority top of mind - safely securing intellectual property.

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Shared Materials



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