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To streamline and manage the exchange of information with customers, Toxnot offers our Shared Materials module to allow users to publish and retrieve product material data effortlessly.

Search and find products on Toxnot. Lookup by product name, company, or description to find ingredient and substance data, material safety data sheets, and compliance data.

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How Shared Materials Works

Shared Materials



Get 3rd Party Verification

Streamline the progress of 3rd party verification by engaging consultants directly on our platform. Share reports & documentation and get reports from agencies all via Toxnot.


Viewers Functionality

Find all material data in one place. Extract data needed for compliance & reporting and import data directly into your Toxnot dashboards. Imported materials will automatically update when suppliers make changes - making it simple and saving you time!

Viewers Functionality

Have full control of publishing materials data



You can share securely with specific designated recipients or share publicly with anyone on the web.



Shared materials gives you a variety of content options for MSDS, compliance statements & documentation, and substance


Substance Inventory

Gain flexibility to determine the data for each ingredient to disclose (or not disclose).  Such variants would be CASRN, Part Name, Weight Percentages, etc.


Compliance Publishing

Utilize multiple options for compliance publishing including CA Prop 65, Conflict Minerals, EU REACH, & RoHS.


Display & Presentation

Provide product descriptions and marketing information with your products & materials.


Document Attachments

Take advantage of the option to add attachments including associated MSDS, compliance documentation, and any other supplemental documentation you may find useful.
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