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Chemical hazard management


Automate customer requests for product information & protect IP


With Toxnot customers can access all your product data from one centralized portal minimizing touch points. Our platform gives you the ability to manage the level of data shared so you have full control over your intellectual property.

Making changes to your products? Toxnot allows you to automatically push product updates to your customers. Easily improve interactions with your suppliers to add efficiency to your entire supply chain.

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Manage your supply chain data

Import your product & materials library directly into Toxnot. Let our platform help you easily access & manage your product BOMs and communicate your data effecitlvey across teams.



Manage regulatory compliance

Find all material data in one place. Extract data needed for compliance & reporting and import data directly into your Toxnot dashboards. Imported materials will automatically update when suppliers make changes - making it simple and saving you time!


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Publish to Toxnot's shared materials

Publish your products and materials directly into Toxnot's shared materials database and allow customers to effortlessly retrieve data updates. 


Publish products in a searchable database

Share any necessary data privately with specific users

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Substance Ingredient Dislosures

Hide any or all ingredients, utilize ranges, and toggle disclosure thresholds.



Get automated importing of your material safety data sheets to share what chemicals are in your products.


Compliance Disclosures

Disclose information for various compliance regulations such as EU REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, & CA Prop 65.


Chemical Disclosures

Disclose what risks your products & materials may pose to individuals health & the environment.


Incorporate Additional Information

Append test results, legal documentation, instructions, marketing brochures, and any other relevant product data.


Full Control

Push product ingredients changes or other updates to customers instantly through our platform.

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