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Let's create safer, more sustainable products that sell


The products we all personally use on a daily basis serve to advance health and happiness to improve our lives. For most personal goods manufactured, consumer health and safety are paramount - so to provide the best for customer, start with understanding exactly what is in your products. Products completely free of chemical hazards.

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Manage your data

Import your products & materials library directly into Toxnot.

Survey your suppliers

Send suppliers surveys to get materials ingredient data back in a secure and private way that protects their IP.


Submit or generate your reports

Once you have your products and materials imported into Toxnot you're ready to submit or generate your reports!

How Toxnot Helps Manufacturers

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Generate consumer confidence with safer, less toxic products

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Improve CSR initiatives promoting safety & sustainability

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Reduce risk by understanding sources & ingredients

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Engage your suppliers efficiently to get the data you need

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Easily identify chemical hazards and explore safer options

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Manage complex product & material libraries on a flexible platform

Together let's build your sustainable supply chain

Design safer, less toxic products and increase transparency

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Identify Health Risks

All ingredients and materials are composed of chemical compounds. Each have health risks & hazards. Do you know yours?


Regulate Compliance

Compliance can be confusing & time consuming. Let us do the hard work! Our platform analyze your risks and help you easily manage market regulations.

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Increase Sustainability

Discover your sustainability ROI. Pursue sustainability objectives such as ingredient transparency, product safety, compliance, and more.


Be Aware of Threats

Thoroughly understand your supply chain and know exactly what chemicals are in your products.

Customer Reach

Consumer Transparency

Improve customers experience with streamlined communication channels and sharing of product information .


Improve Internal Organization

Help your teams create product labels, certifications, generate reports, and publish products to libraries all on one integrated platform.

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