Toxnot Public Materials

Simplifying Supply Chain Communication


Imagine having supply chain transparency without the hassle of collecting data.

What if all the data you were looking for was available and you could simply search for it, and include it in your product library? With Toxnot Public Materials, we're making that ideal a reality. 

Toxnot Public Materials are just that- material data loaded onto Toxnot that the supplier has agreed to make publicly available. This benefits manufacturers and suppliers. And many Toxnot users are both!

If you manufacture a product that someone uses as a material in their product, fantastic- you can benefit in both ways: 


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For Manufacturers:

Collecting supply chain data is commonly the most time-consuming part of transparency. By incorporating pre-populated material information into your Product Library, you save the effort of asking a supplier for information they already provided.

If you're designing a new product and looking for materials to incorporate, Toxnot Public Materials is a great place to begin your search. Let's build up the repository of materials and ask your suppliers to make their materials public today.

If you're a manufacturer who produces a product that someone else specs out to use in their product, you can benefit from making your product a Public Material (see below, For Suppliers).



For Suppliers:

Are you being asked for supply chain data? You’re a supplier!

By choosing to turn your uploaded data into a Toxnot Public Material, you prevent the hassle of providing the same information in another request.

And- you get the added benefit of having your material searchable by other Toxnot users looking for preferred providers for their green products.

To protect your proprietary information, you have the option to mark your materials as such, only publishing the hazard data, as well as listing the weights and percentages as ranges. 


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