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Use Compliance Data to Create Marketable Reports, Labels, and Documents
Exceed Customer Requirements

Over a dozen major retailers have announced priority chemical lists, restricting the use of certain chemicals from being in products sold on their shelves. Toxnot provides an easy way to compare your products against multiple lists at once and report on your results.

Green Product Reporting

We’ve partnered with some of the industry-leading green building transparency players to make it easier for you to create green building product labels and allow architects to find your products.

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Cradle to Cradle

Toxnot has collaborated with MBDC, the creators and leading assessors of the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Program. Toxnot users can automatically submit their product data directly to MBDC in a single click. Cradle to Cradle Certified™ is a worldwide leader in product certifications. Using their library of chemicals and materials, MBDC guides designers and manufacturers through a continuous improvement process to make their products safer for humans and the environment, and optimized for the Circular Economy. Check out our Press Release to read more.

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Declare Labels

Toxnot is the exclusive platform to create the International Living Future Institute’s Declare Labels -- nutrition labels for building products.

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Health Product Declarations (HPD)

HPDs are a great way to be transparent and qualify for LEED credits.

The Health Product Declaration (HPD) Open Standard is the leading benchmark for reporting and disclosing the contents of building products and their associated health information. Check out more on our Media page.

LEEDv4 Manufacturer Inventories

Get LEED Credits as part of the Materials and Resources – Building Product Disclosure & Optimization – Material Ingredient Reporting Section

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or (LEED), is changing the way buildings and communities are built and operated. LEED-certified buildings are resource efficient and the chemical hazards in their products are more transparent.

Publish to Material and Product Libraries

Get your products noticed by architects, designers and other decision-makers by publishing your product transparency data to an established material database.

Origin and mindfulMATERIALS

Toxnot makes it easy to put your data on GIGA’s Origin Material Hub and the mindful MATERIALS library, the industry-leading solution for architects to find transparency data.

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Create Toxnot Public Materials

After going through the effort to upload your chemical data and analyze it for hazards and compliance, publish your data as a Toxnot Public Material. It saves the time of uploading the same information for another customer and will be searchable by others who are looking to use your product as a raw material. Don’t worry - you can hide any proprietary data and just show the hazard profile!

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Publish Compliance Screening Reports

Are your customers asking about product compliance with CA Prop 65, EU REACH or RoHS? In Toxnot, you can instantly flag against a single or multiple lists and report on your findings.

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