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The time of manually reviewing safety data sheets is long gone. Your time is valuable - that's why Toxnot utilizes AI & automation to transcribe your SDS for you. Bulk import all your SDS sheets once and start understanding your data quicker. Best yet, Toxnot will continually give you updates if any of your chemical data regulatory needs change, notifying you immediately for faster implementation.


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Bulk Importing

Whether you have a few SDS's to import or a thousand, our system can handle your needs.

AI & Automation

Once your SDS is imported our platform utilizes AI and automation to transcribe your data instantly for you.

Instant Feedback

Once your import is complete you'll receive an email notification to review and QA your safety data sheets.

Streamlined Quality Assurance

Don't let information slip through the cracks. Store and share information from your expert review.

Continuous Updates

Once uploaded onto Toxnot, our platform will continuously check to see if your products and materials meet specific compliance regulations.

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Leverage your SDS data

Save countless hours reading your safety data sheets and instead take advantage of existing SDS libraries for developing product transparency & sustainable design.

  • Up to date regulatory information
  • Evaluate against future risks
  • Analyze product & materials quicker
  • Meet transparency requests efficiently

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