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Access the growing $350 billion green building market

Customers of green & sustainable building materials typically require reporting or certifications to be LEED compliant. Get your piece of the green building products market.


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Import your products & materials library directly into Toxnot.

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Send suppliers surveys to get materials ingredient data back in a secure and private way that protects their IP.


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Once you have your products and materials imported into Toxnot you're ready to submit or generate your reports!

How Toxnot Helps

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Reach a broader customer base with green building projects

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Provide product transparency while protecting intellectual property

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Create & certify your products to consumer standards

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Engage your suppliers efficiently to get the data you need

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Satisfy multiple reporting needs on one platform

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Publish & promote products to our green product libraries

What reporting option is best for you?

Easily and quickly create multiple reports for your products using the same ingredient data

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Declare Label

Upload your data, identify chemicals of concern, find safer alternatives and submit your Declare Label directly to the International Living Future Institute.


Cradle to Cradle

Our collaboration with MBDC allows manufacturers to automatically submit their product data directly from Toxnot to MBDC in a single click, to pursue Cradle to Cradle Certification.

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Health Product Declaration

Toxnot and HPD Collaborative (HPDC) have teamed up to provide a new capability for Toxnot users: direct export from their Toxnot accounts to HPDC’s online tool, HPD Builder.


LEED v4 Disclosure

Utilize Toxnot's platform in order to help design to comply with LEED v4.

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