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Toxnot helps building industry product manufacturers streamline sourcing, reporting & marketing

Declare Labels 

Toxnot is the exclusive platform to create the International Living Future Institute’s Declare Labels. It's like a nutrition label, for building products.

Easily upload your data, identify chemicals of concern, find safer alternatives and submit your Declare Label directly to the International Living Future Institute for final approval.

Designers look for this label when selecting safer products.

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Example Declare Label

HPD capture

Health Product Declarations

Toxnot lets you quickly create multiple Health Product Declarations (HPDs) to help you qualify for LEED credits from our platform.

The Health Product Declaration (HPD) Open Standard is the leading benchmark for reporting and disclosing the contents of building products and their associated health information. 

Toxnot collaborates with the Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) so our users can to submit and export chemical transparency data directly to the HPD Builder online tool.

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Origin Material Hub

Toxnot makes it easy to put your data on GIGA’s Origin Material Hub and the mindful MATERIALS library, the industry-leading solution for architects to find transparency data.

Building product disclosures created on Toxnot are recognized by the mindful MATERIALS (mM) Program and can be highlighted in the mindful MATERIALS Library.

Toxnot users may submit their data, through Origin, to the mM Library directly.



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