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Let's create a world where people are healthier and live better
The products we all personally use on a daily basis serve to advance health and happiness to improve our lives. For most personal goods manufactured, consumer health and safety are paramount - so to provide the best for customer, start with understanding exactly what is in your products. Products completely free of chemical hazards.

Simplify Your Data Collection

Gather data more securing & manage it all in one platform


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Manage Your Data

Instantly import your products & materials library directly into Toxnot using our platforms AI & automation.




Survey Your Suppliers

Survey your entire supply chain by surveying your suppliers directly through our platform. Get materials ingredient data back in a secure & private way that protects everyone's IP.


Create & Submit Your Reports

Once you have your products & materials imported on our platform you're ready to create and submit your reports!


Identify & remove ingredient hazards in your supply chain

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Generate consumer confidence with safer, less toxic products

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Improve CSR initiatives promoting safety & sustainability

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Reduce risk by understanding sources & ingredients

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Engage your suppliers efficiently to get the data you need

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Easily identify chemical hazards and explore safer options

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Manage complex product & material libraries on a flexible platform

Chemical hazards can creep into products

Design safer, less toxic products and increase transparency

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Identify Health Risks

All ingredients and materials are composed of chemical compounds. Each have health risks & hazards. Do you know yours?


Be Aware of Threats

Synthetic chemicals are in nearly everything we touch & consume. Deep and complex supply chains hide the introduction of these chemicals.


Hidden Applications

Chemicals & treatments are often applied during manufacturing, leaving residual quantities as multiple products are made in the same facility.


Uncontrolled Chemicals

Commonly used chemicals like Bisphenols (BPA), flame retardants, pesticides, and PFAs have widespread use and have been uncontrolled for decades.

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SCIP & The Circular Economy

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