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We are dedicated to customer success

Our team is dedicated to problem solving

Implementation with Toxnot is easier

Throughout the implementation and onboarding process, all our users have a dedicated Toxnot project manager

We love to collaborate with our customers and help them untangle the complexity of their supply chains, regulatory challenges, and chemical hazard reporting hurdles.

Need a custom solution? No problem. 

We want to push greener chemistry forward.  It's about helping our users design, market, and sell safer products in as many industries as possible.

We can build custom software solutions because we know that each of our customers is unique – but we are all connected to a mission of cleaner, smarter supply chains.

Our Process

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Toxnot helps you find & understand the chemical hazards in your products - and see where they originate in your supply chain with integrated supplier surveys

We also help you see where you align with regulations & show you gaps in your compliance


Find safer alternative ingredients so you can design less toxic products, screen chemicals to learn more about related chemicals & potential hazards


Our platform connects you instantly to ILFI, HPDC, C2C, Red List, mindfulMaterials and more so you can report on your product from our platform


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