Understand what's in your Supply Chain

Streamline your process with digital tools and full hazard transparency
“It is invaluable to be able to collect and organize chemical ingredient information, direct development of material ingredient reports, and collect key CSR supplier information all in one software tool.” - Annie Bevan, Global Head of Sustainability at Superior Essex

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Easily Import Existing Data

With Toxnot, you can easily upload data from an Excel spreadsheet, an existing Bill of Materials, or an entire product library and your substances will automatically sync with the hazards data in our Toxnot databases.

Seamless Supplier Surveys

Manage your supplier responses in a one-stop dashboard

Toxnot helps you automatically survey your suppliers and incorporate their data directly into your Products and Materials library.

  • Reach out to your suppliers quickly and efficiently
  • Collect granular substance-level data for your BOMs
  • Design custom questionnaires
  • Generate reminders and request updates

Automatic Compliance Screening

Are your customers requesting CA Prop 65, EU REACH or EU RoHS compliance? You can easily screen against different regulatory lists and report your results.

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Search Public Materials

Get Materials Data Directly From Suppliers

Suppliers can upload their materials on Toxnot and make them publically searchable. You can search Public Materials and easily link to them in your Product Library. No emailing with the supplier needed!

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Enterprise-class Data Security

By using Toxnot, you can securely collect data from your supply chain without receiving unsecure email attachments.

  • All data is encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Suppliers can protect their IP by marking substances as proprietary
  • Audit your responses in a secure dashboard

Available API System Integration

Looking for API access or a custom option? We work with you to ensure our platform finds and uploads granular chemical data.

Ask about integrating with your existing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software. We specialize in seamless IT experiences!

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