Toxnot & Red2Green

Product disclosures for manufacturers meets product sourcing for architects & designers


The collaboration between Toxnot and Red2Green helps manufactures view, upload, submit & manage their submissions to the Red2Green library.

This streamlines the complex process of managing data for this important library.  

As a result, architects and designers who rely on the Red2Green library to find safer materials can quickly see which products to choose.  This makes it even easier to build better, less toxic buildings and raise the profile of their work. 

Learn more about this exciting collaboration. 

Why We Partnered

Both organizations are dedicated to tackling the key barriers to chemical transparency in the building sector.

Technology-driven solutions like Toxnot’s platform improve user experience, workflows and data quality so project managers and manufacturers have confidence in the chemical hazard information that goes into products and buildings.

Integration with IES takes the process a step further, creating an end-to-end pathway to LBC certification, and ultimately to an industry shift towards greater sustainability and less risk.