Red 2 Green Integration

View, upload, submit & manage submissions to the Red2Green library


The collaboration between Toxnot and Red2Green helps manufactures through all aspects of the process for submitting to the Red2Green library, Living Building Challenge (LBC), Declare, and more. 

Best of all, Toxnot allows users to enter data once, and respond to multiple requests all from the same software platform - without reentering data.

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Help architects & designers find safer, greener products

Benefits to Product Manufacturers

  • Send customized supplier surveys and receive responses directly into your Toxnot account

  • Seamless upload of data into the Red2Green library

  • Make it easier for architects and designers to find your products

  • Upload product data one and create a variety of green building product reports

Wins for Architects & Designers

  • Explore products in the Red2Green library and quickly select better ones for your next project

  • Need info on a particular project? Ask the manufacturer to upload the data onto Toxnot and submit directly to Red2Green

  • Faster & easier access to the Red2Green library for project managers

  • Raise the profile of your healthy building products

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