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Upload material ingredients & report in a single entry

Fewer redundant requests, proprietary substance protections, and multiple submissions to standards & certifications on a single software platform

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Toxnot's Materials Supplier Solutions

Suppliers can upload their ingredients for free.  This creates a searchable, secure cloud service for anyone looking to use these materials in their own products - saving time, most importantly reducing the need to re-enter material data elsewhere

  • Meet compliance goals
  • Get ahead of customer requests for product data
  • Screen products against customer requirements
  • Showcase your innovative new products to product buyers
  • Highlight products that screen or score better against key lists


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Toxnot makes it easier for suppliers

Upload material data for free

Fewer emails; Better relationships

Superior data integrity & organization 

Product developers can collect complex data on the ingredients in their products, even if they are proprietary

Explore alternative, potentially safer chemicals securely

Screen against hazardous compounds, see if materials are Red List free and more

Customized IP protection; Keep proprietary substances secure

Automatically submit product data directly to multiple standards like Declare, Red2Green, HPDs, C2C and GIGA Origin/Mindful Materials in a single click