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Toxnot makes it easy for product manufacturers & suppliers to respond to LP50 customer requests

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Toxnot is designed to help you upload material ingredients - in a single entry - to share with customers easily


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How it works

When you publish materials in our database, they are visible to your customers - and can support their product reporting (Declare Labels, HPDs and more). By working with Toxnot, supplier information directly feeds into a product manufacturer’s report

One material entry can be used to meet many requests

Automatic notifications to your customers when you update a material

A variety of editable options to ensuring the security of proprietary information

  • Control your chemical data
  • Share data with key customers only
  • Approve who can see your data 

Enter data one time. Reduce the volume of requests you need to manage.

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Toxnot Shared Materials

Increase your visibility to new customers

When you share your material data on Toxnot, we create a searchable, secure database for anyone looking to use these ingredients and materials in their own products - saving you time & giving you control of your data

Some of the world’s biggest, most influential building owners & builders have committed to creating buildings with positive human & environmental benefits

The Living Product 50 (LP50)

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The Living Product 50 (LP50) is a collaboration of leading manufacturers working to ensure that healthy, high performing building materials with full ingredient transparency are widespread.

The LP50 works toward transparency in all things. They started a conversation with the design community on the  manufacture of safe and transparently disclosed products and materials.

Today, in response to a call to action from the LP50, more than 40 of the world’s leading building product manufacturers have signed a new letter intended to create an industry full of safe and responsibly-manufactured products.

Toxnot is proud to be a technology partner in this global commitment to better, safer building products.

Toxnot supports reporting to Declare, Red2Green, HPDs, C2C and GIGA Origin/Mindful Materials as well as providing optional compliance documentation  to California Prop 65, REACH, RoHS and Conflict Minerals.