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Toxnot makes it easy for suppliers to respond to LP50 transparency requests

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Need to respond to a request from a member of the Living Product 50?



Toxnot's designed to help you upload material ingredients - in one single entry - to easily share with customers


How it Works

Toxnot allows suppliers to publish information to all users, prefered by LP50,  or select customers. It can help those customers comply with ingredient reporting requirements in several formats (including Declare Labels, Health Product Declarations (HPDs), and more). Toxnot gives suppliers the ability to have their information directly fed into a product manufacturer’s report.


Be Efficient
One material entry can be used to meet requests from multiple customers in Toxnot


Be Accurate
Toxnot allows for automatic notifications to be sent to your customers when you update materials

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Be Secure
There are a variety of options that help ensure the security of proprietary information

Toxnot Shared Materials

Increase your visibility to customers


Toxnot's shared materials is a secure, searchable database that allows suppliers to select data to those whom they want to share it with. Whether a supplier wants to share their data with the entire user-base or just select a group of customers - Toxnot fits a variety of needs for material ingredient reporting!

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Some of the world’s biggest, most influential building owners & builders have committed to creating buildings with positive human & environmental benefits



The Living Product 50 (LP50)

The Living Product 50 (LP50) is a collaboration of leading manufacturers working to ensure that healthy, high performing building materials with full ingredient transparency are widespread.

While each manufacturer on its own plays an important role in pushing the market, the LP50 provides a unique opportunity to effect industry-wide transformation by leveraging a common voice and shared practices. The LP50 has also inspired change, leading by example and bringing more people to the table. They have convened a conversation with the design community, committing to manufacture optimized and transparently disclosed products, while holding them accountable for specifying these materials.

The LP50 has begun sending letters to their suppliers asking for their collaboration in the creation of healthy products for all and building an ecosystem of trust for consumers through transparency. The letter asks suppliers for material composition disclosure at 100ppm (0.01%), but moreover is intended to spark valuable dialogue within supply chains. The whole idea is to decrease the amount of time and redundancy involved in responding to customer requests for transparency and hazard avoidance.

Toxnot is proud to be a technology partner in this global commitment to better, safer building products.