Sustainability Consultant Accounts

Seamlessly work with clients to manage supply chain data


Toxnot consultant opportunity press releaseIt's time to breakup with your spreadsheets

and utilize chemical management software

that actually helps



Assist multiple clients

Securely access data while keeping projects separate

Collect and share supply chain data

Use redactions to honor suppliers' NDAs

Directly publish reports

Showcase a product's safer chemical composition

Promote your consulting firm

Become a preferred provider on the Toxnot platform

Optimize chemical management

Efficiently utilize software to respond to client requests

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Can I use the Free Toxnot version to help clients? Do I need my own Toxnot account to help a client?

The Free version of Toxnot is a great way to try out most of the available features. With a limited amount of supplier surveys and amount of data that can be stored, it’s a fine starting point, but it won’t allow you to work in your clients accounts.  Your free account can be upgraded at anytime.

Yes. If your client has a simple product or two, they may just need a free account. But, you’ll need a consultant account to work with them on their data and submit reports on their behalf. We have three plan levels to chose from. Request a demo to learn about your options.  You can also email us.

Can I change plans at any time or am I locked in?

How do I get started?  

Yes, you can get started with no contract, monthly billing and upgrade as your needs change and client list grows. Contact us at or use the chat window and we’ll be happy to assist you.

We have compiled an extensive collection of Help articles to get you started. We also have a customer success team ready to help- use our live webchat. Start here for consultant accounts.